Digital Methodology

Carnes Engineering, Inc. is committed to emerging technology and takes a pro- active position to remain on the cutting edge of new and improved methods. Our state of the art computer system links our staff, consultants, and clients through the internet, email, network applications, and our data storage server.  All data is protected by an off-site storage cache which is backed up intermittently on site and stored daily off site. Our staff utilizes the industry’s latest software applications connected to digital reproduction and scanning equipment. AutoCAD, Chief Architect, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and AutoCAD Civil, are representative of the many multi-platform, licensed software titles that assist us in our design work. This assures our clients that their projects will be handled quickly, accurately, and safely.  We operate on site state of the art printing and scanning equipment, which avoids the need to rely on print shop schedules and eliminates delivery problems.