Horizontal Design & Construction


Carnes Engineering has designed and built projects that include all aspects of land development from site selection and surveying through project construction and completion. This process has given us the experience necessary to design projects from ground up including site utilities, site drainage, streets and roadways, and finally buildings and site amenities. 

Once the determination  of project  utility  availability  is satisfied   the process  should address  the very critical first step of determining the site grading and drainage  to assure that pre existing drainage patterns  can be  altered   without creating  upstream or down stream flooding as a result of the proposed development.

This may include the development of a detention or storage facility to reduce the post construction impact of rainfall events. Once the drainage requirements are satisfied the utility layout must be determined along with a street and roadway configuration that will best facilitate the proposed vertical construction. 

Horizontal Construction Services


◆ Water & Sewer
◆ Storm Water Drainage & Detention
◆ Roadway & Street Design
◆ Paving & Grading
◆ Storm Water Pollution Prevention
◆ Storm Water Quality Management